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Coming from a teaching background, running a youth centre and PRU programmes, I re-educated alongside raising my family to follow my passion to become a dog trainer.

After adopting Jock from a rescue centre, he became my key lever for making a difference. When invited to work at my local primary school, I discovered that we had a large positive impact and became integral to school life.

After studying Neuro-linguistic programming, I was able to create a programme to suit all needs for dogs, staff, children and parents.

Jock and I have been sharing our knowledge and experience with an ever growing list of schools throughout the UK and into Europe since 2013. Jock is now retired with a new batch of Dog Mentors taking the programme forward.

This programme enables the educational environment to have their own dog to realise the full benefit that comes from having a dog in school.

Jock and Jenny - Dogs supporting education
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