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East Sussex

We have dog mentors in several schools in East Sussex, UK, in both Primary and Secondary schools. We've enjoyed hearing the impact our dog mentor training has had in these schools in improving the wellbeing of children and staff. If you are looking into training a school dog in East Sussex, get in touch with our specialist service.


What is The Dog Mentor Programme?

Over the past 11 years, implementation of The Dog Mentor Programme in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK has proven to have a significant impact on many children’s lives: significantly improving emotional and mental health, wellbeing, communication skills, behaviour and empathy.

Bringing a dog into your school is a big decision and takes commitment which should be carefully understood and planned. At the heart is the safety and wellbeing of the dog, but when pupils understand the importance of caring for the school dog and are engaged in this, the benefits for both the dogs and pupils is undeniable. The Dog Mentor Programme will provide the necessary training, guidance and support to embed this programme in your school, as is clear with the number of schools running The Dog Mentor Programme throughout the UK!

In the cost of the course, we supply a full risk assessment for your school, teacher resources, ten Dog Mentor pupil booklets, collar, lead and printed coat for your dog.

After a full dog assessment and one day course, you and your team will get access to our SharePoint Resources site along with full support from a member of our team for one year. The SharePoint contains parental consent letter templates, pupil exercises, dog training tools and lots more!​

Find out More About The Dog Mentor Programme with Bella and Ruby

Who Are We?

Jenny has been running the Dog Mentor Programme since 2013. She comes from a teaching background alongside running a youth centre and PRU programmes, before taking the leap to re-educate as a dog trainer.​

After studying Neuro-linguistic programming, she used her unique combined skills to create the highly effective Dog Mentor Training Programme with the goal to suit all needs for dogs, staff, children and parents.


With her trusted friend Jock at her side, she implemented the Dog Mentor Programme training in schools throughout the UK and into Europe with transformative results. Although Jock is now retired, there are a new batch of Dog Mentors following in his footsteps to bring the Dog Mentor Programme into even more schools across the UK. 


Our Dog Mentor Schools in

East Sussex

Chantry Community Primary School - Bexhill-on-Sea

Pashley Down Infant School - Eastbourne


This map shows the current list of
Dog Mentor affiliated schools - we are all over the UK!

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