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Thank you ISAZ!

I just wanted to share my experience at #ISAZ2024!

I was extremely nervous but managed to get through my presentation and I think was able to articulate the fantastic work that you all do! There were many helpful discussions and interactions from people all over the world which I'm looking forward to following up on.

I'm hoping to do a CPD soon for all of our Dog Mentor Schools to go through the plan for the research project that will be starting with the some of the academic research team.

Many people have messaged me to ask who all these amazing people are in the photos so here we go... from left to right -

Me 😀

Dr. Mirena Dimolareva BSc(hons), PhD, CPsychol, HEA, PGCert, Lecturer in Psychology at University of Lincoln

Dr. Kerstin Meints, PhD, Professor in Developmental Psychology at University of Lincoln

Dr. Nancy Gee, PhD. President of ISAZ and Professor of Psychiatry at VCU School of Medicine, Virginia

Dr. Aubrey H. Fine, PhD, Professor Emeritus at California State Polytechnic University

In the second photo we also have

Dr. Paulina Wegrzynek, PhD, MSc, HEA, PGCert, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Bath Spa University

I had such a great time meeting not only the people above but all of the other conference delegates and I'm excited to bring everything I've learned over the last few days to The Dog Mentor 🧡.


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